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My selling list

I'm selling lots of digos (As many as you want ;) ) for NP, my prices are moderate, but you're getting things that cost real money for some virtual np, savvy? The prices are as follows.....

all prices are stated for one year, When you make a purchase I will make a neopets trade, then you bid the np and I will accept, then I will give you the digo via direct payment to the digomarket, so you can still transfer it when you get it, and it is a full year ;) (except for portrait spaces)

Portrait space - 200k
Tri wings - 500k
Butterfly wings - 600k
Phoenix - 700k
Gryffe - 800k
Dragon - 900k

(Please note that K = 1000, i.e- 100k = 100,000np)

Contact Cazruzult on furcadia or comment on here if you're interested, prices slightly negotiable, but only when I'm in a good mood.

Thanks for reading, and get buying! ;)

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